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Incredible Dubai Villa with Party Lounge & Snow Room (PHOTOS)

This beachfront villa is located on the island of Sweden in the man-made World Islands development in Dubai, UAE.

$50 Million Penthouse Apartment In Dubai (PHOTOS)

This luxurious penthouse apartment is situated atop the Volante, a 35-floor residential tower located in Dubai, UAE.

22,000 Square Foot Modern New Build In Dubai (PHOTOS)

This newly built modern home is located in Dubai, UAE and is situated on 2/3 of an acre of land. 

Newly Built Home In Dubai, UAE (PHOTOS)

This newly built home is located in Sector L, Emirates Hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

$34 Million Beachfront Home In Dubai

This lavish beachfront home is located on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.