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19,000 Square Foot Stone & Brick Home In New Canaan, Connecticut

This stone & brick home is located at 57 Rosebrook Road in New Canaan, Connecticut and is situated on 3.4 acres of land. 

40,000 Square Foot Newly Built Mega Mansion In Upper Marlboro, Maryland

While this home isn't for sale, you know we love showing you any & all newly built mega mansions from across the country; for sale or not. This home was brought to our attention...

23,000 Square Foot Single Story Home In Henderson, Nevada

This single story home is located at 1198 Macdonald Ranch Drive in the Dragon Ridge Country Club in Henderson, Nevada and is situated on 2.5 acres of land. 

3 Modern Homes You Can Currently Rent For $100,000 A Month

These 3 modern homes are currently available for rent at a whopping $100,000 a month; that's more than most people make in a year! Which one would you rent if you had the money? HOME...

15,000 Square Foot Entertainer’s Paradise In Santa Clara, Utah

This stone, brick & stucco home is located at 2512 Malaga Avenue in Santa Clara, Utah and is situated on half an acre of land. 

Heatherlands – A Newly Built Brick Home In Surrey, England (FLOOR PLANS)

This newly built brick home, dubbed "Heatherlands", is located in Surrey, England, UK and is situated on nearly 3 acres of land.