Canada Homes

Brick & Stone Home In Ontario, Canada With 15-Car Garage

This brick & stone home is located at 125 Kleins Ridge in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada and is situated on 2.7 acres of land. 

11,000 Square Foot Brick & Stone New Build In Ontario, Canada

This newly built brick & stone home is located at 91 Elmers Lane in King, Ontario, Canada. 

Buy This $45 Million Mega Mansion Under Construction In Toronto And Become Drake’s Neighbor

This limestone mega mansion is under construction at 24 Park Lane Circle in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is situated on 3 acres of land and is steps away from rapper Drake's gargantuan 50,000 square foot home.

Porn King Selling Unfinished Montreal Mega Mansion (FLOOR PLANS)

Porn king Feras Antoon is selling his unfinished mega mansion in Canada. Feras is a Canadian pornographer and the co-owner and CEO of MindGeek, the world’s largest pornography company, which runs sites including YouPorn and Pornhub. The exterior is almost finished as are the interior partitions and it is being sold as-is.

17,000 Square Foot Home In Ontario, Canada With Indoor Pool

This stone & stucco home is located at 58 Cachet Parkway in Markham, Ontario, Canada and is situated on 1.5 acres of land.

French Inspired Home In Ontario, Canada

This French inspired home is located at 21 Nightfall Court in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.