Listed with Italy Sotheby’s International Realty

LOCATION: Perugia, Umbria, Italy


BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS: 16 bedrooms & 20 bathrooms

PRICE: €5,800,000

This historic home is located in Perugia, Umbria, Italy and is situated on 22 acres of land. It was built in 1600 and features 43,000 square feet of living space with 16 bedrooms & 20 bathrooms. Outdoor features include terraces, gardens and a pool. It’s listed at €5,800,000.


From the listing site: 

Villa Torre del Grifone, Perugia. The property is located just 7 km outside of the City-centre of Perugia, in a dominant position completely isolated from the surrounding main roads. The main Villa, as well as various other outbuildings, are located within the 5 ha of Italian gardens and the 4 ha of agricultural land, make this a truly unique property.
The original construction of the villa developed around a 15th century from an ancient watch-tower. In 1700 the property belonged to the family of the Marquises of Monaldi, who had a large house with a garden built as their formal residency. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century it passed to the Bartoccini family and then to the Church priory of Perugia. Only in the 1930s, did the Villa return to its ancient use, once it was purchased by Count Francesco Maria Guardabassi, a versatile and eclectic artist, who bought the property and entrusted its renovation to the famous architect Ugo Tarchi from Rome. It was then subsequently adapted to the elegant and flamboyant appearance that it maintains today. At the outbreak of the Second World War the villa was leased to the Bulgari family, founders of the famous jewelry brand from Rome, and ended up becoming the army headquarters of the German forces, during the occupation (1943-1944), and then by the Allied troops during the Liberation of Italy (1944-1945). In 1989, after four decades of decay and abandon, the property was purchased by the Petrini family who restored it to its ancient splendor with a full renovation of the main villa, the re-generated Italian gardens and private park with pool.