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Attention business-savvy HOTR readers! We are seeking around 15 people who would be interested in chipping in and renting out the amazing Lake Carrington estate in Greenwich, CT for 1 month. We say business-savvy because during that time we will collaborate to come up with some brilliant business ideas. I think by living large, we will think large! All you have to do is bring an air mattress to sleep on (sorry, it’s STAGED but not completely furnished). I don’t know about you, but if you’re like me, I would sleep on the floor if it meant getting to stay in a mega mansion for a whole month. Ha!!!

Food/Beverages will be included for the month. There is also a working indoor swimming pool!

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If we get 15 people, the cost is approximately $2,333 per person. (Rent is $35,000 for one month) Serious inquiries only

Contact if interested