Here are 6 amazing mansions that we’ve toured in our home state of New Jersey! Labeled are the years we toured each home. We’ve toured lots more, but these are our favorite! Number 1,2,3 & 5 we toured because we got invited to them by the homeowners themselves. Number 4 we toured because they were holding an estate sale. Number 6 we toured because it was the 2008 Designer Showhouse of New Jersey. Guess which one was our favorite……yup, the Stone Mansion!!!

Going by Column 1 first….

#1 – The $56 million Stone Mansion located at 1 Frick Drive in Alpine, NJ.

#2 – A 25,000 square foot mansion located on Tulip Tree Lane in Alpine, NJ.

#3 – A $14.75 million French Chateau mansion located at 5 Buckingham Drive in Alpine, NJ.

#4 – Russell Simmons’ former 35,000 square foot mega mansion located at 101 Fox Hedge Road in Saddle River, NJ.

#5 – A $13.995 million 19,000 square foot Limestone mansion located at 12 Warewoods Road in Saddle River, NJ.

#6 – A 10,000+ square foot mansion located at 20 Denison Drive East in Saddle River, NJ.