Thanks to HOTR reader Doug for this tip! A new mega mansion has gone up in the affluent town of Colts Neck, NJ which is already home to dozens of mega mansions, including a couple that are over 30,000 square feet. It is located on Montrose Road.

From Doug –

The home is about 20,000 square feet and sits on about 25 acres of prime real estate. The style of the home is French inspired and is built with the highest quality materials possible. The exterior walls are composed of stone, which was custom cut on site, and antique style brick trim. I don’t know about you but I find that 99% of the time when people try to combine stone and brick on the exterior of a home it just doesn’t look that great at all. But in this case I think they hit it right on the dot. Also the same combination of stone with brick trim is used all over the property in the entrance gates, retaining walls, an equipment shed and the staff residence (which I was not able to get a picture of). But even more spectacular is the grounds. Don’t really judge the grounds on these pictures because they’re still not entirely complete. What is so amazing about what they’ve done with the grounds is what they were before. This property was previously a horse farm and massive outdoor riding ring. The property was entirely flat and bland, and had little in the way of trees. This landscaping was done in what seemed like two days, but probably took more like a week. They built that entire lake from scratch, and it isn’t shown in these pictures but the lake has some nice water features including a bubbling brook that feeds it (which was also built by scratch). All of those ugly awkward looking poles do have a purpose I promise lol. They are going to become some sort of gazebo/ pavilion, and I believe will have some sorts of ivy or other flowering type plant that is usually used on arbors and stuff growing on it.