The largest home in one of the country’s most exclusive communities is under contract. This 30,000 square foot modern mega mansion is located at 3 Indian Creek Drive on the exclusive and obscenely expensive Indian Creek Island in Miami Beach, FL. It boasts 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a panic room, large swimming pool, rooftop lawn and one of the state’s first in-home projection 3-D movie theaters. It was built by developers Shlomi Alexander and Felix Cohen and was first put on the market last year with an asking price at $60 million. It was then slashed to $52 million and recently sold to a foreign buyer for an undisclosed amount. We’re guessing it sold for near the asking price. A home on the island just recently hit the market for $45 million, so as you can see, properties on Indian Creek Island seem to command very high prices.