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Most “Homes of the Rich” have huge walk-in closets. However, not all of them have AMAZING over-the-top, luxurious ones with custom built-ins. Out of these 8 amazing walk-in closets, which one is YOUR favorite?

#1 – Mariah Carey’s walk-in closet in her NYC apartment

#2 – A 2-story walk-in closet in a $12.5 million mansion in Dallas, TX

#3 – A girly pink/purple walk-in closet

#4 – A his walk-in closet

#5 – A walk-in closet with marble floors in a Newport Coast, CA mansion

#6 – A fabulous Clive Christian designed walk-in closet valued at $189,000.

#7 – A 2-story walk-in closet in a Rumson, NJ mansion

#8 – A 2-story Chanel inspired walk-in closet in the Champ d’Or estate in Hickory Creek, TX