The Stone Mansion Ups Its Asking Price Yet Again

The grand 30,000 square foot Stone Mansion estate, located in ritzy Alpine, NJ, has upped its asking price yet again. Listed back in June of 2010 for a whopping $68 million, the lavish gated mega-mansion boasts 12 bedrooms, 14 full and 5 half bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 4 bars, a home theater, wine cellar, indoor basketball court, swimming pool, tennis court and much more.

The asking price then dropped to $52 million in July of this year. A couple of months later it inched up to $53 million. Now the asking price has been bumped up yet again to $56 million.

I’m not sure what the marketing plan is for this home, but I do know that going up in price in this economy just doesn’t make sense; especially for a home that’s already overpriced.