Here is a look at some impressive 2-story home libraries brought to you by

Library #1 – Pictures #1,2 –  This impressive two-story library was built as an addition to the Hollywood Hills house of designer Craig Wright

Library #2 – Picture #3 –  This two-library library belongs to Thierry W. Despont and is located in his Georgian Revival house in Toronto, Canada. The library’s baronial design, a riff on the domed hall of Palladio’s Villa Capra, known as La Rotonda, near Vicenza, Italy, soars to a height of 26 feet and has a diameter of 22 feet.

Library #3 – Picture #4 – The two-story library is located in billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ guest house on his 68,000-acre Texas ranch.

Library #4 – Picture #5 – George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, built this incredible two-story library at Skywalker Ranch, a company retreat in Marin County, California. The library features a forty-foot stained glass dome, a circular staircase, beautiful wood paneling and trim work and of course, bookcases all around. The library houses 27,000 volumes.

Library #5 – Picture #6 – This impressive 2-story library is located in a mountain house in Strawberry Park, Colorado.

Library #6 – Picture #7 – This handsome two-story library has a wrought-iron balcony rail and white-painted shelves. There is room for a piano, as well as space for seating and what looks like a desk in the corner.

Library #7 – Picture #8 – This 2-story library is located in a Neoclassical-style Long Island, New York summer house by Thomas Britt.