This beautiful baroque palace, named Ållonö, is located in Sweden. It boasts over 11,000 square feet of living space.


Ållonö is a fabulously beautiful baroque palace beautifully located overlooking Bråvikens water. This unique property dates back to the 1300s and the Corps, the accommodation was originally built in 1670 by Baron Gustav Kurck designed by Nicodemus Tessin. Ållonö are possessed by many famous families, including Kurck, Lilliehook, Oxenstierna, Hamilton, Sperling & Flach. It was family Flach who returned the castle to its original state in the years 1905-1913. The present owners have in recent years allowed the castle to undergo a thorough & reverential renovation & is today probably one of the best preserved & fabulously baroque castle. The evaluations seem rather beautiful park, the landscape in front of the water & the many old trees creates a natural romantic setting of the castle. The color of the castle’s romantic pink and green roof, being there are two wings, set of six boxes, riding ground, pastures & a canal from the sea to its own pier adjacent to the castle. A unique opportunity to acquire an exclusive family mansion in the absolute finest condition not far from Stockholm. Main building of approx 1164kvm + approx 264 sqm furnished basement, the park is approximately 15 hectares.