Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons and his ex-wife Kimora Lee have finally sold their New Jersey mega mansion after it had been sitting on the market for a couple of years. The 35,000 square foot estate, which boasts a 50-seat home theater and indoor pool, is located at 101 Fox Hedge Road in Saddle River, NJ. They unofficially put it on the market back in August of 2006 with a price tag of over $20 million. It was first put on the MLS back in April of 2007 with an asking price of $23.8 million. Then, in August of 2008, it was reduced to $20 million, then to $19.88 million, $16.5 million and then to it’s final listing price of $13.9 million. The home sold for $10,000,000 4 days ago on February 15th.

*Thanks to HOTR George for the tip