Yes, according to Homes of the Rich reader Tim T. Below he talks of TWO 50,000+ square foot mega mansions that are being built in Georgia.

Here is what he had to say:

Yes Kenny, there is a 55k square foot house being built in country club of the south! It has an underground parking garage that is totally sealed from the environment. This house is SO massive! They have been building it for two years now and its almost done. The problem with Country club of the south is that they are VERY private, not sure if you can get a close up picture ?? I will get you the rest of the info on the other houses! There is one in alpharetta that is 60k plus and my friend is doing the electrical in the theatre. I will try to get a picture !!

Well, I emailed him back with some questions and stuff and he never bothered to reply back. So, any of you Georgians have a clue what he is talking about? If so, please do tell!!