Nobody loves the “A look at some Mansions” series more than HOTR reader Nick. He gave me a list of homes in the state of California that he would like to see posted up on HOTR and so here they are. Thanks Nick!

Home #1 – Pictures #1,2 – This home is located in Yorba Linda, CA and belongs to Jayshree Vyas who is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Anaheim, CA.

Home #2 – Picture #3 – This massive home is being built at the end of Dillon Road in Laguna Hills, CA.

Home #3 – Pictures #4,5,6- This gorgeous estate is located on Moorea Way in Laguna Beach, CA.

Home #4 – Pictures #7,8 – This modern mansion is located at the intersection of Mountain Drive and Loma Vista Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. It belongs to shopping magnate turned philanthropist Guilford Glazer. It is also the site where the former home of the late singer/actor Dean Martin once stood.

Home #5 – Pictures #9,10 – This 28,000 square foot castle-like mansion is located in Hillsborough, CA. It is owned by Robert D. Lent, who was the head of marketing and business development  of Ariba Inc. from 1995 to 2000.

Home #6 – Pictures #11,12 – This mansion is located on Hunter Lane in Fremont, CA. It is located near M.C. Hammer’s former home.