Nalin here,

This is The Albemarle Estate. Built in 1985, it is a 24,000 sq ft., 8 bedroom, 13 bathroom estate that sits on over 300 acres near Charlottesville, Virginia. This house is very ornate, private and expensive. The house is listed with Sotheby’s and is currently owned by Billionaire Patricia Kluge. The home was very meticulously crafted by her and architect David Easton to house some of her rare collectibles, which were also auctioned by Sotheby’s recently. The house was essentially designed to be a museum. The home was previously listed for $100 million, but after a year has been reduced to $48,000,000. On the 300 acres sits a vineyard owned and run by Patricia Kluge and enough space for many golf courses (Arnold Palmer has already designed a course for the property if the new owner wants to pay to build it). There are also three ponds, stables, helipad, grotto, pool, pool house, log cabin, a greenhouse and several staff cottages.

With 300 acres, its hard to have any neighbors, but this house actually neighbors Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and James Monroe’s Ash Lawn-Highland, two very prestigious American homes.  I have heard, from somebody who has visited this house, that this house is literally perfectly built. Only the finest craftsmen were allowed to work in this house. Every finish is flawless. I could really only see this house being used as a billionaire vacation retreat, especially with that Arnold Palmer golf course. What do you think?