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This newly built mansion is located at 10859 Wolfe Hill Lane in Great Falls, VA. It seems to me that a lot of these mansions in the Great Falls and Potomac areas all have the same look and feel to them and their interiors are somewhat similar (wall colors, etc.). That’s just my opinion. Well, this 15,000+ square foot mansion boasts 7 bedrooms, 6 full and 3 half baths, a double staircase, marble ballroom with unique cutout looking up to 2nd floor, gourmet kitchen, formal living and dining rooms, tea parlor, conservatory, elevator, 2nd floor galleria, recreational room with wet bar, home theater, and a 2,700 square foot finished “west wing” that would be perfect for a home office or indoor pool. It is listed at $3,950,000. Overall, it is a great home. I love the 4 balconies on the front facade as well as the large columns. However, it has some touches that I really can’t stand. I hate the little “swirls” along each of the steps on the staircase. I also hate those hideous plants in the ballroom area (what the hell is that?). Fake plants are tacky in my opinion and give the whole room a cheap look. That room alone has 8 fake plants and there are plenty more around the house. Leave the greenery for the garden, not your “ballroom”. What do you guys think?