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Nalin here,

This house has been under construction for a while now and the listing just went up recently with no pictures. I live down the street so I just took a couple pictures today of the awesome exterior. The house is designed by Niroo Mansions so I have no doubt that the interior will be equally amazing. The address is 9411 Newbridge Dr. and it is a 7 bedroom, 9.5 bathroom 18000 sq. ft. house.  It looks gorgeous. Some details from the listing: “imported exotic stone, crystal fixtures, custom plaster mouldings, gourmet Habersham kitchen, stunning Italian fully in laid and paneled library, extraordinary home theatre and heated pool complement the incredible architecture unparalleled in its design and detail”. It is listed at $7,500,000. I predict it sells around 6 million. I will update when the home is finished, but for now I just have the first 2 pictures.


I also added a picture of another new home down the street from me. Construction just finished recently, but it was never on the market because it was custom built and the owners actually moved in. It is really big from the street, but the sunlight was really odd so the picture is not the best quality. This house is one of my favorite exteriors in the Potomac area. (Last 2 pictures)