Amazing!!!!!!  Homes of the Rich attracted over 17,000 visitors today all thanks to the one and only Perez Hilton! That demolishes our old record of 4,000 visitors in one day. I had gotten a tip from one of my readers that timeshare mogul David Siegel had put his 90,000 square foot super mansion on the market for $100 million. I quickly did a post on it and then I emailed Perez and had told him about it. Moments later, Perez tweeted about my post and linked back to me. I couldn’t believe it! Perez is one of the most recognizable bloggers in the world and I knew that tweet would be good publicity! Thanks again Perez! I also submitted my post to CNN and The New York Post, so I’m hoping for a 2nd boost in traffic! Finally, a breaking news topic where I’m the first blogger to write about it!!

Thank you to everyone who visited today! May you all become mansion obsessed =)