I’m always excited to see the homes that James designs, so here is another one he sent me. Accompanying it is a long description of the house. I say that he has done a fantastic job designing the home and explaining everything! He’s working on the floor plans now. What do you guys think?


I’ve been bored out of my mind at work today…so decided to draw.  I also included a rough plot plan idea for the house as well…so you can see the indoor sports arena in comparison to the house.  The house would be about 30,000 sqft.  9,000 on 1st, 2nd, lower level with a 3,000 sqft ballroom with full restaurant sized kitchen (think updown court) on the 3rd floor.  In addition to the main house, there would be an attached indoor sports/recreation arena.  Details on the sports arena(84ft x 128ft almost 11,000 sqft): full-size NBA regulation basketball court (50ft x 94ft), with a suspended 4 lane track on the upper level that goes around the perimeter of the arena (about 1/14th of a mile per lap…like what they have at the YMCA).  Above the 4 car garage would be the locker rooms (about 1,500 sqft) complete with sauna and steam shower.  Below the 4 car garage (same level as the court) would be a batting cage (about 1,500 sqft)…or golf driving range?  At the far end of the court (the entrance to the indoor pool would be flanked by two rock climbing walls that soared up to the rafters of the arena roughly 35-40ft.  As you enter the pool area you walk under a rock outcropping that has a waterfall spilling into the pool (pool and hot tub area about 4,800 sqft).  The rock outcropping would contain a water slide as well as a cliff to jump off of (think Joey Fatone’s pool…but indoors).  At the far end of the pool (pool is about 50ft x 30ft) would be a huge hot tub (about 15ft round).  The roof of the pool area would be glass (as would the center portion of the arena…as you can see on the elevation drawing above the 4 car garage).  At the far end of the elevated track…there would be a bridge that goes into the exercise room (which extends over about 1/2 of the pool area and is about 2,000 sqft).  Adjacent to the basketball court and below the terrace that run the entire length of the arena is a 2 lane bowling alley (about 2,000 sqft).  All in all the arena would have about 21,000 sqft of floor space.  Forgot to mention…in addition to the 10 car motor court (enclosed by a 4 ft high wall…there would be subterranean parking for an additional 12 cars.  Also neglected to show the driveway leading to the subterranean garage coming off the parking circle.

CLICK HERE to see a pic of the plot plan

Thanks again James!! It’s always fun to see what my readers come up with!