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Here is a look at a couple more mansions that are visible in Bird’s Eye View on Bing Maps.

House #1 – Pictures #1,2 – This home belongs to lawyer Marc Saperstein and is on the market for $15.9 million. It is located at 5 Buckingham Drive.

House #2 – Pictures #3,4 – This huge mansion is located on a hill off o Buckingham Drive. I would love to know more info about it.

House #3 – Pictures #5,6 – This mansion is located at the end of Autumn Terrace. It was built by Distaulo Builders.

House #4 – Pictures #7,8 – Yankees star C.C Sabathia recently bought this home for $15 million (which is way overpriced imo). It is located on Litchfield Way

House #5 – Pictures #9,10 – This mansion is being built on Schaffer Way.

House#6 – Pictures #11,12 – This mansion is located on Dogwood Lane

House #7 – Pictures #13,14 – This 20,000+ square foot mansion is located on Rio Vista Drive. It is owned by Avi Tahari whose brother Elie Tahari co-created the Theory fashion brand.

House #8 – Pictures #15,16 – This newly constructed mansion is located on The Esplanade in the prestigious Rio Vista.