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Hey guys. A few days ago I was contacted by the producer of TV Land’s hit show “How’d You Get So Rich?” starring Joan Rivers. I was asked if I had some possible leads for the show and if I had any ideas for people that they should try and get on the show. I couldn’t believe it! It completely made my day! They are looking for outrageous people with outrageous fortunes, people who have made it big, people who have made millions from quirky inventions, etc. So, do you guys have any ideas of who would be perfect for the show? Also, if you think that YOU would be perfect for the show, please feel free to email me. We already have 1 Homes of the Rich reader who is in talks with the producer!

Here are the people who I suggested would be great for the show:

1. Arnold Chase – built 50,000 square foot mansion in Avon, CT – made fortune from cable

2. Ajit Khubani – owns a 21,000 square foot home in Saddle River, NJ – made fortune from Telebrands Inc (inventors of the jupiter jack, shoes under, and heel-tastic)

3. Paul Parmar – owns a 39,000 square foot mansion in Colts Neck, NJ – made fortune from finance and producing films

4. Paul Merage – owns a massive mansion in Newport Beach, CA – inventor of the Hot Pocket

So, who do you think would be perfect for the show?

P.S – The producer said that I might get mentioned in the credits. How cool is that?!!!