Here is a look at some of the massive estates being built in the St Louis area. Thanks to Homes of the Rich reader James Surtin for the awesome details.

This is what James had to say……

Mansion #1 – Pictures #1-2

2222 S. Warson Rd, 63124
I’ve been watching this one for the last 2 years.  The outside looks to be almost finished…and I just about wreck my car every time I drive past it.  It is a classic french chateau style…and I would love to see the inside of it when it’s finished.  I can’t seem to find who owns it though.  The records list “The Exuma Trust” as the owners…and the address is on California…but when I look up the address it’s for a company by the name of Mark IV.  I can’t seem to find any correlation to StL though?  Anyway…it sits on 6 acres of land…and I believe the people paid over $6m for the land back in 2003 possibly?  The plans for the house called for a 28,000 sqft residence…but the current real estate records have it only listed around 18,000-20,000 sqft?  It has a Mediterranean style pool house that is over 2,000 sqft as well.
Mansion #2 – Pictures #3-4
20 Upper Warson, 63124
This one is also one of my favorites!  It sits on close to 4 acres of land and it took about 2 years as well to finish it.  It’s just over 20,000 sqft.  The grounds and everything about the house are simply awesome in my opinion.  It’s just up the street from the first one I mentioned…and I always have to drive past both of them.  I got to see a couple of pictures in a local magazine (they were hosting some fund raiser dinner…and there was a brief article on the house)…but most of the pictures just left me wanting to see more.
Mansion #3 – Pictures #5-6
10 Pacland Estates Drive, 63005
This one doesn’t look as good in the pictures…because there is still a fair amount of construction going on.  Sits on 6 acres of land (on top of a hill)…so it looks even more impressive.  It’s listed at 15,000-18,000 sqft depending on the source.  The guy who owns it is the President of a local grocery store chain and bank.  The home he owned before this one was only 4,500 sqft and listed for sale at $700k.  I would say this is a “move-up” house, lol.  The style of the house is pretty unique.  It kind of has a castle like feel with the stone facade, slate roof and turrets (one above the entry and one by the garage).  His father lives down the road in a secluded 17,000 sqft estate that sites on 32 acres.  (1982 Kehrs Mill, 63005).
Mansion #4 – Pictures #7-8
22 Twin Springs Ln, 63124
This one is a little different in the style.  It is white clapboard siding and stone.  It is on the lot next to the Dennis Jones mansion.  It is 15,000 sqft (or about 1/2 the size of the Jones home), and is being built by a former executive at Anheuser Busch.  I’m sure he got a nice payday when InBev purchased AB.  You can’t tell from the picture…but it kind up sits elevated from the street as well…making it seem more impressive from the street.