Michael here.

What do you think about this one? I think it looks interesting.

A “pimped” townhouse on 81 South Audley Street, Mayfair, London W1, England. Approximately 4,282 sq ft with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths. Plus there are three cloakrooms, toilet, WC’s or half baths. Whatever you wanna call it. “Loved child has many names” as an expression here says.

An elevator from the lower ground floor up to the third floor. The interior is very modern, with many cold colours and a splash or two of warmer ones to create a pretty good style. Perhaps you need a somewhat “special” taste to like the interor.

I think the asking price includes the furniture. For all this you are expected to pay £8,000,000. It was originally listed at 9.5 million, so the price has dropped a bit.

You find a link to the property website with floor plans and brochure here