Hi everyone, Alan here again.
One of my all-time favorite shows is HBO’s “Entourage”. I thought I would show you guys where the mansions featured in the show are.

The first house is where they live in season 1 and part of season 2. The address is 1847 Camino Palmero Street, Los Angeles, California. The home is 9,802 square feet. The property features an indoor pool, a guest house, and a tennis court. The home was built in 1924. (Picture 1)

Here is an article about the home (taken from Wikipedia): C.E. Toberman Estate

The second home is the one the guys moved into in season 2. In the show it was formerly “owned” by Marlon Brando. In real life that is not true. The home is located at 1200 La Collina Drive, Los Angeles, California. The home is 10,105 square feet. This home was built in 1923. The guys move out of this home in the 4th season. (Pictures 2 and 3)

The 3rd and final home is the cliff-side home they moved into for only part of the 4th season. The home is located at 9050 Oriole Way, Los Angeles, California. The home is 5,976 square feet. The home is next door to Leonardo DiCaprio’s house. (Picture 4)