Tony here. I had 2 choices of how to kill the last hour:

  1. Be responsible and catch up on several of the many needed “to-do” items that I’ve been lagging on for the last few weeks.
  2. Procrastinate and show you guys a cool overpriced San Diego penthouse.

Eeeeeeyup. Now it is overpriced when taking into consideration 4,500 sq. ft for $8.5 million- even for a downtown penthouse in Southern California. But that still doesn’t stop it from being beautiful. In my opinion, those Picassoey paintings need to get replaced but that’s just because I personally find that style of “art” nothing short of overrated beyond a level of hideousness. That aside, I really do find the overall interior to be a magnificent art form all in itself.

I have always been a fan of anything that comes from Italy- food, women, cars, la Costra Nostra and yes…interior design. And I really don’t think it gets too over-the-top either. The theater and bathroom shown are decorated very elaborately and, if the rest of the home were to be that equisite then I could see some people dismissing it as being too gaudy. But I love how some of the other rooms give off a simple, yet strikingly bold, look and feel to them. The ying definetely compliments the yang very well. I can imagine strolling through this place and getting a very museum-like vibe in that you’re simply soaking up a nice balance of expression.

To your average millionaire, probably not a good idea to fork out this kind’ve money when considering what else you can get in the area for that price (like, a good 8,000-10,000 sq. ft. beachfront property). But I do think it makes for a billionaire’s perfect 2nd home. I tried looking for a floorplan but no el lucko.