Michael here again, and now I will take you to Farmington, CT where we will visit 4 Jefferson Crossing, which is a new construction.

This looks like a typical American house, am I right? You have lots of space, and there is formal and informal areas, and it is the popular “mansion-style”, also known as a mc mansion, I think.

Anyways, back to this house now. You will get 9,000 sq ft, 5 total bedrooms and 7.5 total baths. The total number of rooms is 13. 1.88 acres, so good space for an outdoor barbeque and your kids playground.

This estate agent has done a good thing; there are floor plans available online. This is good, because if you do not have them on the internet peple like me will mail and ask for them, and such mails can be annoying if you get them in great numbers. Seriously, floor plans are really good to have. Over here we have them for almost every property on the market, even if you have a small apartment for sale. I hope this will be more common in the US also.

The asking price for all this is $3,250,000 which seens reasonable, what do you think?

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