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House #1 – (Pictures #1,2) – These are close up views of the limestone that I featured in a post a couple of days ago. The home is located at the end of Indian Field Road in Greenwich, CT. These pics were given to me by a Homes of the Rich reader (thanks!) The home contains an impressive 18,500 square feet on the first two levels. The guy who gave me the pics also said the owner of this house supposedly built several (5 maybe?) of them all around the world that look almost exactly alike.

House #2 – (Picture #3) – This newly built manor is located off of Jericho Oyster Bay Road in Muttontown, NY.

House #3 – (Picture #4) – This mansion is located on Donmore Drive in Potomac Falls, VA.

House #4 – (Picture #5) – This mansion is located on Richland Grove Drive in Potomac Falls, VA.

House #5 – (Pictures #6, 7) – This newly built estate is located off of Black River Road in Vilettown, NJ. It is located on over 15 acres in the beautiful countryside of Somerset County.

House #6 – (Pictures #8, 9) – This large white stucco mansion is located on Tornquist Ct in Franklin Park, NJ.

House #7 – (Pictures #10, 11) – This huge Mediterranean style mansion is located on W Lake Drive in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

House #8 – (Picture #12) – This mansion is located at 99 Lynn Ave in Hampton Bays, NY. According to zillow, the home is close to 15,000 square feet. (although I thin it’s bigger)