Howdy all. I’m Tony and Kenny was cool enough to let me throw up some posts.
The Portabello Estate hasn’t had a full post on here so I wanted it to be my first. I drive by this pad at least once a month, as it’s not even in a gated community….despite the $75 million price tag. Yes, it’s overpriced because the owner ignored the market value and basically asked for a recoup of what he paid to build it.
Still, it’s not TOO overpriced considering it’s over 30,000 sq.ft. on 3 premium oceanfront lots. The design is either going to make you fall in love or throw up. People either love it or hate it. I personally LOVE it (well maybe not all the furniture or the stupid sculpture in the entrance) because I’m a major fan of “fluid” design.
8 bd, 10 ba, several pools, a spa that actually bubbles into a roof of a wet bar, waterslide and a downtown recreated. The owner grew up in a small town so he put his movie theater, game room, car and jewelery on display to appear as a small “main street”¬†town. There’s even a diner.

Here’s a video tour: and here’s the actual website: