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Hello everyone, it’s me Alan again, guest blogging.  I wanted to also share another one of my all-time favorite mega-mansions ever built in the USA.  The house is home to NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal.  He showed this home off on MTV Cribs.  On the episode, MTV said that the home is a massive 64,000 square feet, but most other public records state that the home is only 28,937 square feet, which is still huge!  I think the size is somewhere in between.

One of the cool things inside the home is an indoor basketball court.  The outdoor pool is nicknamed “Shaq-apulco”.  One note of interest is that Michael Jackson tried to purchase the home from O’Neal, but O’Neal said “no thanks.”  The address of the home is:  9927 Giffin Court, Windermere, Florida


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