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NBA legend Michael Jordan is planning to build a monster of a home in ritzy Jupiter, Florida. It seems like these athletes are trying to one up each other in who has the biggest and poshest house and they are all choosing Florida as the place to build their opulent homes. First it was Ken Griffey Jr who built his 24,000 square foot mansion in Windemere, next it is Derek Jeter who is building a 30,000 square foot French Manor in Tampa, and now its Michael Jordan who is building a 37,942 square foot home. That’s right folks, 37,942!! Michael Jordan’s former home was only 25,000. He bought the land for $4.8 million last year in the exclusive Bears Club. The estimated cost to build the mansion is $7,627,669. The home will include a grand stairway, an elevator, 11 bedrooms, a cottage, and a guard gate.