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This is, if you do not already know, the home of Rev Run. The home appears in his hit reality show Run’s House. It is located on Wildwood Road in Saddle River, NJ. It was recently listed for sale.

This is the front gate to Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons’ palatial 35,000 square foot mega-mansion located at 101 Fox Hedge Road in Saddle River, NJ. The home used to be on the market, but it seems to have slipped off.

This home is also located on Fox Hedge Road. It is listed for $7,395,000 and is a new construction. I emailed the listing agent, Vicki Gaily, and asked if I could take a tour of the home. She is going to ask the builder and see if its alright. If so, I’ll take plenty of pics!

This home is located on Truman Drive in Cresskill and is part of Tamcrest Estates.

This home is located on Vaccaro Drive in Cresskill. I love the style of this home. It is very French inspired.

This is Hip Hop Mogul P.Diddy’s house on Anderson Avenue in Alpine, aka Rapper’s Delight, NJ. He purchased the 17,000 square foot home for $8.95 back in 2004.