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I think that both terms, mansion and mega-mansion, are always used too lightly. For example, the title of this news story is “Mega-Mansions suffer dramatic price declines.” When I read the title, I was excited to read the rest of the story. Then I got to the 2nd paragraph and read the number 9,700, yes 9,700. What? This is misleading. I can remember dozens of articles like these where the title contains the word mansion or mega-mansion and the story is about homes that are not even close to that. A 9,700 square foot home is not a mega-mansion, by no means. It is merely a mansion or even a large home by some people’s standards. Like I said in a recent post, a mansion is anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 square feet. So, this home would be considered a mansion. A mega-mansion to me would be 20,000 square feet and up. Well, I guess the author wanted to spark readers’ interest by including the word “mega” in the title. Still, it gets me annoyed. What about you?