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Champ D’or, the 48,000 square foot Mega Chateau, is now listed with Briggs Freeman. The asking price? A steal at $27 million and far less than what it had originally been listed at! The home, which is located at 1851 Turbeville Road in Hickory Creek, TX, was first listed at $48 million over 6 years ago. Then the price went to $35 million, then to $59.55 million, then to $72 million, then to $65.5 million, and now to its current price. What a real estate roller coaster ride! I have a feeling though that the home will still not sell. Over the years, the Realtors that have listed this home have spent close to $350,000 advertising it and even throwing large parties. Mr. Goldfield apparently put $36 million into the house, so if the home sells at this price, he will actually lose money.
P.S – The mansion is finally visible in Bird’s Eye View!!!