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( under construction)

Well as you can see, Arnold Chase’s mega-mansion is probably near completion judging by the first picture (bird’s eye view hasn’t updated yet, picture is almost a year old). The 50,853 square foot home is expected to cost Arnold around $14 million to build. It is located on Avon Mountain in Avon, CT. Th first floor will contain 8,951 square feet and the second floor will contain 7,462 square feet. The second floor will have a master suite, 4 additional bedrooms, and a home office. The 2 basements will have a combined 33,500 square feet of living space. The upper level basement will be 20,410 square feet and contain the 100 seat home theater, soda fountain room, 4700 square foot game room, music annex, and more. The 13,063 square foot lower basement will be mostly for storage and mechanicals, but will still have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a workshop, and a kitchen. I can’t wait to see what the house will look like when completed!