This massive 41,000 square foot mega-mansion is under construction on Meadowbrook Drive in Burr Ridge, IL. It is currently the largest home being built in the Chicago area. I love the style of the home and the stairs leading to the front door. You can really get a feel of the home’s size by looking at the last picture. It looks like a mini hotel being built. The home is being built for Nick Memeti, the owner of Freedom Mortgage Team. He is going to live there with his parents. Can you imagine? A 41,000 square foot house just for 3 people! The home’s architect is Rob Kirk of Group A Architects. Nick’s parents purchased the plot of land the home is being built on for $480,000 in 2001. The home will have have two 3-story domed turrets, one with a library and one with a dining room. There will also be a six room master bedroom in the southwest wing, a four room suite for Nick’s parents in the northwest wing, 7 guest suites, an elevator, and a 12-car garage. The tricked out lower level will contain an indoor pool, slot machines, a dance floor, a 30-seat home theater, and a full gym. Nick plans to entertain his 200 employees here and throw numerous parties. The home is expected to be finished soon. It is valued at $15 million. If anyone lives in the area, could you please send me a picture of the current state of the home. Thanks.