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This weekend, I went to go look at houses in Bernardsville and Mendham, NJ. The first picture is of Marc Ecko’s palatial mansion. His 30,000 square foot house is located on Claremont Road and looks massive up close. It still has tons of construction going on and is a little bit of a mess in the front. There is a chain link fence up now. The second picture is of a house on Ballantine Road in Bernardsville. This is one of my favorite houses in the area. It is on the market for $6,500,000. The gated estate comes complete with a private lake, a carriage house, and an expansive backyard. The 4th picture is of a Mendham mega mansion (I did a post on it a while back of the same name). It is located on Charolais Farms Road in Mendham. It is tucked behind a pair of large iron gates and has multiple chimney stacks. While we were driving down the road, we passed the owner in his Bentley Continental GT Convertible, lol. The 5th picture is of an 11,000 square foot mansion that is located on the same street. It was designed by Home Design Services. It was having work done to its backyard.The 6th pictures is of a large mansion on the top a hill located on Hilltop Road in Mendham. The cool thing about the home is that the back faces the front, so noboby can see the front of the home. The last picture is of a home that is being completed on Hilltop Road. The country estate is beautiful in person and the stonework is amazing. I have wonderful time and it is amazing how you can go from suburban area to country area in a matter of minutes. Both Bernardsville and Mendham homes have expansive and private properties. I would love to build a house in one of those towns one day.