Picture #1 – This large mansion is located at 11244 Briarcliff Lane in Studio City, CA. The 9 bedroom home contains a grand double sweeping staircase, a library, a home theater, subterranean parking, a large separate guest house, a swimming pool, and a tennis court.
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Picture #2 – This unique and modern “safe house” is located at 8570 Cole Crest Drive in Los Angeles, CA. The 5 bedroom mansion is on the market for $9,995,000. The 32-room mansion contains over 8,000 square feet of living space and includes a subterranean garage.

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Picture #3– This modern 24,586 square foot mansion contains a subterranean garage and is located at 66 Windward Cove in Spring, TX.

Picture #4 – This newly constructed 15,000 square foot mansion is located at 18 Netherfield Way in Spring, TX and includes a large garage.
Pictures #5,6 – These two massive homes are located on Grand Regency Circle West in Spring, TX. The second home has a massive 29,947 square feet of living space. It is owned by Danny and Crystal Spence. Danny is the CEO of Procorp Associates Inc.

Picture #7 – This 16,620 square foot traditional mansion is located at 3 Grand Regency Circle in Spring, TX. The home is located on the Carlton Woods – Nicklaus Golf Course and contains a swimming pool with pool house.

Picture #8 – This mediterranean style mansion is located at 11740 Crescenda Street in Los Angeles, CA. It is in the neighborhood of Brentwood. The 16,651 square foot house contains 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and is valued at $9,117,000. It contains a swimming pool, tennis court, and a Lakers inspired basketball court.