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This grand mansion is located on W Sunset Blvd in Beverly Hills. It contains a tennis court, swimming pool, impressive foyer, and a massive 2-story great room. The home has beautiful architectural details, numerous columns, outdoor sweeping staircase and a large patio.

This home was featured in the movie Beethoven’s 4th.

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This mega-mansion is located on Cliffside Drive in Malibu. I featured this home on my website a while back. This is one of the most magnificent waterfront homes I have ever seen. The home has a massive front entry with 2-story foyer and double staircase. There is also a large indoor courtyard situated in the center of the home.

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This mega-mansion is located on South Mapleton Drive in Holmby Hills. The mansion belongs to a woman by the name of Jo Anne Wallace. The home contains a breathtaking foyer with double staircase and an indoor pool.

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This French Chateau Mega-Mansion is located on Davies Drive in Beverly Hills. The home features a tennis court, swimming pool, and a double bridal staircase. The home was featured in an episode of the Hills.

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Sunset Locations is the most complete agency representing private properties to the entertainment industry throughout the Los Angeles area. There are hundreds of properties listed on the site and I spent close to 2 hours looking at them. This website is amazing! There are tons of pictures both of interior and exterior shots of the homes. Here a few homes that I found that I think you guys might like.