Hey everyone. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite homes of all time. I want to know which homes across the country are your favorite. Everyone is welcomed to send me their top 10 list via email and I will post your list for all my readers to see. Thanks!

My Top 10 Favorite Homes of All Time!

  1. David Siegel’s 88,198 square foot “Versailles”
  2. Mohammed Hadid’s 48,000 square foot “La Belvedere”
  3. Aaron Spelling’s 56,600 square foot “The Manor”
  4. Russell Simmons’ 35,000 square foot mansion
  5. Ira Rennert’s 110,000 square foot compound, “Fairfield”
  6. Hubert Humphrey’s 48,000 square foot La Reve
  7. 40,000 square foot Updown Court
  8. 45,000 square foot Champ d’or
  9. 32,000 square foot Alpine Spec Mansion
  10. John Schnatter’s 40,000 square foot mansion