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Marc Ecko and his wife Allison live in this 30,000 square foot castle located on Claremont Road in Bernardsville, NJ. Marc is the founder of Marc Ecko Enterprises which sells hip hop and graffiti style clothing, watches, and other accessories. The home used to be owned by former U.S Senator and founder of Prudential Insurance Company John Dryden. The home, named Stronghold, has 8 bedrooms and 4 kitchens and is spread out on over 30 acres of land. The home also has a huge 2-story solarium with floor to ceiling glass windows. Marc and his wife bought this monstrosity in 2005 for $7.4 million. They spent an incredible $21.8 million to customize the home to their needs and likes. Now, Marc is in some financial trouble and owes millions of dollars. Hopefully he pulls through and finally finishes construction on that castle of his. I drove past his home before and I have to say that it is very impressive and grand.