This giant mega-mansion is located at 5522 Lyons View Pike in Knoxville, TN. The house, dubbed Villa Collina, was on the market at one point for $17.5 million and was once listed for an astonishing $40 million. The owner is Mike Conley, who is the founder of Regal Corp. It measures a mind blowing 44,500 square feet. It has 49 rooms, 17 bathrooms, 32 built-in televisions, 4 dining rooms, 11 fireplaces, an indoor swimming pool, a massive great room, a wine cellar, and a 6-car garage.

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This mansion is located on Springdale Road. It has a tennis court, basketball court, a man-made pond, and an indoor pool.

This mansion consists of a man-made pond, a swimming pool with pool and guest house, and two tennis courts. It is also located on Justa Bout Road in Venetia, PA.

This French manor style mega-mansion is located at 142 Justa Bout Road in Venetia, PA. It has 13,073 square feet of living space and includes 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The mansion has amazing landscaping as well as a swimming pool, tennis court, and a putting green.