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This 39,450 square foot French inspired mega-mansion is still “on the boards” and has yet to be built. It was designed by Scholz Design. The mansion has a dining room, library, kitchen with breakfast room, family room, office, multiple galleries, 3 staircases, 1st floor master with massive walk-in closets, a total of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, laundry room, huge guest quarters, and a 8-car garage. Now, this is where the fun really begins. The lower level has to be one of the coolest and tricked out one I have ever seen. (I would love to see it when built) Paul Parmar’s sports annex is the only other awesome entertainment spaces that comes to mind. This home’s lower level comes complete with multiple recreational spaces, an 18 seat home theater, multiple storage spaces, a wine cellar, huge game room, a gallery, two saunas, locker and changing rooms, an indoor pool with separate hot tub, a large workout room, a full size indoor basketball court, and a bowling alley.
Square Footage Breakdown

First Floor: 9,200 sq.ft
Second Floor: 4,930 sq.ft
Guest Quarters: 2,000 sq.ft
Garages: 3,000 sq.ft
Sports Area 1st and 2nd floors: 3,180 sq.ft
Lower Level Main: 7,000 sq.ft
Lower Level Sports Area: 10,140 sq.ft
= 39,450 sq.ft