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Pictured is Jacqueline Siegel, also known as the Queen of Versailles, with 3 of her 8 children. Here are some more pictures of what the 90,000 square foot mega-mansion will look like. The ballroom is absolutely amazing! It looks like something out of a movie. Also included is a list of what the mansion will contain. It is beyond me why they need 2 movie theaters. Jacqueline said in the article that one was for them and the other was for the children. Why can’t they just use the same movie theater? Also, Jacqueline grew up with only a one bathroom house and so I guess she needs 30 bathrooms to make up for her deprived childhood. I would never in my right mind spend $3.7 million on custom windows. Even though David is right around billionaire status, I would spend that money on cars and watches. Nobody is going to be looking at your windows, lol. I can’t wait to see more renderings of this jaw dropping mega home and I will definitely post them if I come across any.

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