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Pictures #1,2 – This 84,626 square foot mega-mansion is located on S. Ocean Blvd in Palm Beach, FL. It is owned by Sydell Miller. Sydell Miller and her late husband Arnold founded Matrix Essentials, a hair and beauty products supply company. They sold the company to Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. for 7+ million shares. This home was designed by architect Jeffrey W. Smith and is by far one of the largest home in the Palm Beach Area, if not the entire state of Florida. The home’s name is “La Reverie” and was reported to cost Sydell $40+ million to build and is valued at $61,277,132. The home contains a tennis court and a swimming pool.

Pictures #3,4 – This is the mansion of Broadway producer Terry Allen Kramer. It is located on S. Ocean Blvd in Palm Beach, FL. Her husband, Irwin H. Kramer, was an investment banker. The mega-mansion, named “La Follia, has 44,000 square feet of living space and is valued at over $70 million. Architect Jeffrey W. Smith designed the house. The home contains a swimming pool as well as formal gardens.

Picture #5 – The French inspired 17,000+ square foot mansion is located on Chateau Lane in Villanova, PA. The home is right next to the home of Allen Iverson, which is currently on the market. This mansion contains a 5+ car garage, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a massive guest/pool house, and its own mini golf course.

Picture #6 – This massive estate is located on Fox Hunt Road in Barrington Hills, IL. It contains a 1/2 mile long driveway, man-made lake, a 5+ car garage, what looks like to be an indoor entertainment zone, and a swimming pool.

Picture #7 – This massive mansion built by Zitella Construction consists of over 15,000 square feet of living space and a swimming pool. It is located on Star Lane in South Barrington, IL.

Picture #8 – This 15 to 20,000 square foot mansion is located on Shilp Point Lane in Merritt Island, FL. It contains a motor court, 4-car garage, and a swimming pool.