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This stately mansion is located at 34 Timberline Drive. It sold for $11.8 million and includes a double bridal staircase, a ballrom, and a swimming pool. I did a post on this house a while back which included a video.

This brick colonial mansion was completed just a few years ago. It is located on Timberline Drive and sits right next to Lil’ Kim’s modern mansion. It contains a 4-car garage. I would love to see interior pictures of this home and I guarantee you that it will be on market in a few short years.

This white brick mansion is also located on Timberline Drive. The only bad thing about this home is the big tower that sits behind it. A complete eyesore!

This is the home of comedian Chris Rock and his family. It is located on Margo Way.

This home, built by Alliots Construction, is located on Margo Way.

This huge French style mega-mansion is located at the end of Margo Way. It includes a swimming pool on a raised terrace, a motor court, and a subterranean garage. The owner of the home is 58 year old Joseph Scott. I am dying to know what the inside of the home looks like!