This huge mansion is located on Bellevue Avenue in Rumson, NJ. It is currently one of the largest homes in Rumson. The home is situated on a huge plot of land. The French inspired mansion has a masive front door, a 4-car garage, a swimming pool with large pool house, and a tennis court.

This massive 10,000+ square foot mansion is being built on Bingham Avenue in Rumson, NJ. This is what I call a “fat” house, because when you look at it, the width of the home is extremely large and it looks like a big box. Normally, homes tend to be narrow and do not normally extend that far out.

These 3 mansions are located on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch, NJ. The first two on the left are similar in size and design, but the middle home has more of a French inspired design with the turret. The home on the right looks more like an old-world mansion that was probably built in the mid 1900’s

This mansion is located on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch, NJ. You can see how large it is when compared to the other modest beach homes.

This chateau-esque mansion is located on Ocean Avenue in Deal, NJ. The weird thing about this home is that both the clay tennis court and the basketball court are located in the front of the home in the middle of the driveway. The home also has a swimming pool.

This large neo-classical mansion is under construction on Ocean Avenue in Deal, NJ. The home has 2 garages on opposite ends of the house and a massive swimming pool complete with pool house.