This 12,000+ sq.ft. mansion was recently on the market for somewhere between $3 and $4 million. It contains a double bridal staircase, 2 tw0 car garages, and a swimming pool. This home is located on Franklin Lake Road.

This gated colonial mansion is located on Franklin Lake Road and contains an indoor pool.

This newly built mansion is located on Bayberry Drive and is one of a dozen or so recently completed homes in the Franklin Lakes area.

This gorgeous French Colonial style mega-mansion is located on Lynn Drive. It comes complete with 4 turrets, a 3-car garage with balcony, and a swimming pool.

This mega-mansion is under construction on Tortoise Lane. The owners of this home knocked down a home that was a tenth the size of this one.

These 8 large mansions are located on Garden Court in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Three of these homes are currently on the market and are absolutely amazing.