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This 19,500 square foot mansion is located on Iron Gate Road. It is for sale for $10,750,000 and includes and indoor basketball court.

This large mansion is located on Belle Terre Way and contains a basketball court.

This massive brick mansion is located off of Bentcross Drive. It was for sale for $5,900,000. The home measures in at 32,000 square foot and has 9 bedrooms and 15.4 bathrooms.

These two mansions are located on Bentcross Drive in Potomac. The large home to the right (in the 1st picture) was built by Niroo Mansions. The home is for sale for $5,500,000.

These two homes are located on Newbridge Drive in Potomac. Both of these homes were built by Niroo Mansions. The home on the left (in the 1st picture) is for sale for $6,995,000.