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Location: Hopewell Drive, Alton, NH
Square Feet: 29,000

This is the estate of Bob Bahre who is the former owner of New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The home is said to have 29,000 square feet of living space. It has a 16-car attached garage.The Bahre Estate compound is valued at $75 million. Bob also wants to build a 50,469 square foot building on the property. As a car collector, he has amassed a collection of 70 antique cars. So, he needs a place to store them. The first two floors would each be 19,329 square feet and the third floor would be 11,811 square feet. 17,208 out of the 50,469 square feet would be used to display his cars. The remaining square footage (2 full floors) would be used for residential purposes.